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It's Not Just The Notes, It's The Feels.

posted Sep 9, 2018, 1:17 AM by Apryle Dalmacio
The hardest part of my job is conveying emotions. I am blessed that I play music for a living and even more blessed that I can therapeutically, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually touch others. 

Like any other job, my job of playing music can become routine and it is easy to forget why I do what I do in the first place. Everyday I pack all my gear into my car, drive to the venue, set-up all my gear at the venue, “entertain” people for a few hours, pack up all my gear back into my car, drive home, and do the same thing over again the next day.

Not every night is exactly the same though. Some nights are physically draining and some nights I’m just not feeling the beat. Yes, I’ll get a few drunk people ask me to play “Free Bird” or a few older men ask me if I’m single and if they can help me record my next album, BUT there are nights when a song can bring some nostalgia and really bring back the “feels”. And when those “feels” are conveyed to random people who just so happen to have planned to go out for dinner at the venue I’m singing that familiar tune...  well, those are the nights I live for.

I have had the honor to not only meet these random (beautiful) people at these venues, but play for so many of their life milestones. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to share feelings through music at birthdays, weddings, bridal showers and heavy heartedly, memorials.

My Duo, Faye and The Fella, had the honor of playing for a man who not only supported us at our shows, but would hire us for family celebrations. Today, we celebrate his life and the end of his battle with cancer. He never expressed his condition, and instead, simply enjoyed the little time he had here. 

Thank you, Alex, for enjoying our music and reminding us that life is too short to hold on to those negative vibes. I also want to thank every single one of my clients who have hired me to do what I love, and have allowed me to share with you, emotions in your life. 

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