Due to the health concerns of Covid-19,

All my shows have been cancelled!

Unfortunately, I am now out of a job because performing live music was my only way of income.

So I've decided to reach out to my followers online for help.

I know that everyone is affected by the current issues, so IF you can afford to help, I have these gifts to give you in return.

For the minimum donated amount of:

  • $10 Dedicated SONG REQUEST on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL
  • $25 Autographed CD "Among the Stars"
  • $60 BOTH Dedicated song request and autographed CD
  • $150 1 hour Private Party Concert
  • $300 2 hour Private Party Concert, Dedicated song request, Autographed CD

Here's where you can donate:

Venmo, Cash App @apryledalmacio

Please provide your email and cell phone number so I can contact you.

Any other amount of donations will be graciously accepted. Private Party Concerts are only available for donators in Southern California and will take place after government officials say it's okay to hangout again.

I am staying hopeful and wishing everyone safety and good health!


In replace of my cancelled shows, I will be hosting online fundraising concerts via Instagram!

Thursday March 19 - 7pm

Friday March 20 - 3:30pm

Saturday March 21 - 7pm

Sunday March 20 - 4pm