Know Your Worth

โ€œKnow Your Worthโ€ ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž

Iโ€™ve really had a few good talks with, not only businessmen, but colleagues and fans that admire what I do. Over the last few months, Iโ€™m finally realizing that after so many years of doing music professionally, I should be charging a hecka lot more!

This is a subject that has come up multiple times throughout my career. I play a show and people come up to me inquiring how much I would charge to do a private party. Sometimes these parties are Weddings, Birthdays, and even Funerals. What surprises me, is that when I quote them a price that is actually extremely low compared to other professionals who do what I do, they either tell me my price is too high or I never get a call back. Those are the times I start questioning how much people would be willing to pay (Not how much I am worth) and over time...I started to lower my price... keeping in mind logistics of the event and not going lower than what I usually make a night. Once I lowered my price, I started playing more and more private gigs, getting recommended by other clients and building clientele for small, low-budget, private events that, to be honest, were actually some of my favorite most intimate celebrations. So I guess that's where the "fine line" becomes hazy. When my heart is in battle with business.

How do you give good customer service without selling yourself short? Are you giving good customer service when someone can't afford you? Even I've had to say "No" to clients who, after giving them my most lowest offer, still thought my rate was too high.

I once worked as a customer service coordinator at a music school that was raising their prices to all existing and new students. When they did, BOY! Did I get the brunt of it! A lot of parent's pulled their kids out of the program because of the new rate (which was not much of a raise) and they lost a lot of customers. My boss told me with confidence, "Those are the customers we don't want". Although it's been hard to separate my heart from what's best for me, I try to remind myself that lesson and apply it to myself as a business. In business, customer's aren't always right. They aren't the one's with your experience and don't understand what you have to do to provide them great customer service. So YES...You're giving the best customer service you can when you stay true to yourself even when they can't afford you. In the music entertainment business, and in any type of business, you really do need to know how much you're worth and know you just can't please everyone.

So...yeah...that's my rant today...and I guess I'm telling everyone that I'm raising my prices back up to where they were and even more that I've got 12 years of experience to back it up. ๐Ÿ˜‚I really do appreciate those who have hired me in the past though. Without you, I wouldn't have gained the experience I have today!

With that said, If you've got something to celebrate for 2019, Apryle Dalmacio Music, Faye And The Fella, and Woody And The Harrelsons are now booking and weโ€™ve got the experience, professionalism, and talent to quote you a rate worth it! ๐Ÿ˜‰