2020 - Masks Are Medicine

When you use positive outlets to express yourself, positive vibes shine through!

THANK YOU #WeAreReachOut and The City of Riverside for this honor of recognizing my lyrics to my Upcoming Single, “I Miss The Days”! ❤️

I hope all of you have been pushing through everything that has happened this year. As we enter the holiday season, festivities continue in a social distanced atmosphere. Unfortunately, I won’t be playing at this year’s Riverside Festival of Lights as they are not having entertainment ... No, they may not have music, and you may not get to sit on Santa’s lap, but out of all this we seem to be spending more time with our loved ones, hopefully growing closer together.

I want to thank those who supported me at the beginning of the Pandemic as all my shows were cancelled while I tried to survive by performing virtual shows and making masks. If you haven’t been following me on social media, (Although I’ve limited my posts for a better mental health lifestyle) your donations raised an astonishing $5000 during my All Shows Cancelled Fundraiser! THANK YOU!

I am so fortunate to have fans, followers, supporters, friends, family like you... and I am truly grateful.

Luckily, when businesses began to open in July, I started to perform. I also began a new career chapter teaching music at a great school called Music Alley in Chino Hills! I continue to market myself and use my talents to keep working which has shown to pay off. As I always say, “Hardwork and determination leads to success”.

If you are comfortable enough to join me at my new residency’s or are thinking about taking guitar or vocal lessons with me, please stop by my shows and have some dinner, beer, or maybe a cocktail :-)


September’s Taproom

Rancho Cucamonga, CA



Bistro St. Germain

Seal Beach, CA



September’s Taproom

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


For more show dates, follow @apryledalmacio

THANK YOU for your continuous support. May this year make us stronger and bring us more blessings than ever before!

Love & Peace,